Richard Galambos, C.E.T.

Richard Galambos, C.E.T.

Electronics Technologist:

Technologists, they translate engineering designs into working plans and then see that these plans are carried out.

I am a seasoned electronics designer and educator with 16 years of experience with an established Educational/Research institution and a total of 19 years Electronics design experience. My skills and knowledge range from hardware design to programming; instrumentation to data acquisition; and technical documentation. I am professional, flexible, innovative, resourceful, and safety conscious. My skills and experience contribute to a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills including the ability to oversee projects in a most productive, cost-effective and ethical manner.

Technical Writer / Graphic Design:

I am an avid Technical Writer; I write Technical articles, blogs, procedural documentation, how-to instruction, operator manuals, visual documents, and other print materials.

Also a capable, creative, and innovative Graphic Designer with ten years hobby level experience. My interests in this field are in branding, marketing, corporate identity, and website design (WordPress).


My experience with electronics design began when I was a kid.  I used to take most everything apart with aspirations of putting it all back together in different ways.  My imagination knew no bounds.

In 1995, I received my formal training at SIAST.  A polytechnic college in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  There I spent two years training to be an Electronics Engineering Technologist.  From there I picked up some work with CP Rail.   However, I started in Saskatoon but ended up in Calgary, Alberta before my run with the railroad was over.  I was an active participant in the Special Projects installation group.  A group that at the time was responsible for making the entire CTC rail line wireless.

From there I moved on to the University of Calgary.  I joined the Engineering Department in 1999.  Now known as the Schulich School of Engineering.  I have enjoyed many years at the UofC helping students and professors alike.  Building on research and teaching endeavours here and there.  I have done some impressive work.  An advantage of working for such an institution is the availability of tools and research knowledge.  This environment has been instrumental in my career development thus far.

I joined ASET [The Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta] in Sept 2013.  I qualified for the designation C.E.T.  [Certified Engineering Technologist] shortly after.

I have also had the opportunity to make my Graphic Design hobby official; Continuing Ed is a great resource!

More recently I have completed a Certificate of Professional Writing Certificate specialising in Business and Technical Writing and work as a freelancer in this field.

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